SEASON 2019/20

Originating from our very first mod, we are proud to present the latest version of the Global Endurance Mod – Season 2019/20.


The mod is centered around the World Endurance Championship and contains all of the cars from every race of the 2019/2020 season. Currently, only the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 is missing, but we are working hard to bringing that to the mod soon.

As an extra feature, we have included the full grid of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2019. To get the grid complete with the Ford GTs, we used the URD EGT Detroit and created the Ford GT Add-on for the Global Endurance Mod. We are working on a Season 2018/19 version of the mod, so in due course, the 2019 Le Mans grid will move from this mod to the 2018/19 mod.


This mod uses a selection of official DLC cars to create all the needed cars and classes for the mod.

A unique feature is the way we added LMP1 to the game. Apart from the Team LNT – Ginetta cars, which will use our very own Ginetta G60-LT-P1 (release date January 11th), our LMP1 cars are based on the official Oreca 07 LMP2 and the Cadillac DPi. Retaining the awesome physics of these cars, we upgraded them to LMP1 spec.


Studio 397 provides the Oreca 07, Ligier JS P217 and all GTE cars (apart from the Ford GT), but that wasn’t enough for us. We “cheated” a bit and used Studio 397’s Dallara-based Cadillac DPi as base for our Dallara P217 and BR Engineering BR1 to get as many different car models as possible out on track.

Where necessary, we made small adjustments to the Balance of Performance to ensure all cars perform up to spec. We also modified the pit stop settings, bringing them closer to real life pit stop times and, more importantly, allowing for more diverse strategy options.

LMGTE Am is another class that is quite unique in our mod. Most mods and competitions use GT3 to divide the 2 classes, but that’s not how we did it. To ensure that LMGTE Am is slower than the Pro class, we cut the engine power of the Am cars by 6%. To make it a real “Am” class, ahead of our 2021 events, we decided to add an onboard Anti-lock Brakes System to all LMGTE Am cars. This might not be the most authentic feature, but it does enable less experienced drivers to compete in our events.


SEASON 2018/19

Work in progress is the full 2018/19 season of the World Endurance Championship.

Expected release: TBA



We have a few add-ons to enhance your experience with our mods even more. These add-ons are optional and in some cases they require paid mods to work.

The Community Car Add-on contains fictional cars to enhance your experience with the Global Endurance Mod. It requires no additional content apart from the Global Endurance Mod.

The Ford GT Add-on contains the Ford GT cars from Le Mans 2019. It requires the URD EGT 2018 Detroit. We have two versions: one for those who purchased V1.0 and one for those who purchased V1.1.