Roadmap Update August

Another month has passed, so it’s time for a new update from our team. In this issue, I’ll talk about the league we finished this month, as well as our released Kyalami track and a few big updates for the Global Endurance Cup 2019/20 mod in September, in preparation of the addition of the 2019 and 2020 Le Mans grids and of course our new cars.

Global Endurance Cup league

After a lot of preparation, hard work and close on-track action, we have finished the first ever season of our Global Endurance Cup league. Congratulations to Christian Pallesen, Danny de Haas, James Hamilton and Finley Angell-Wells for winning the championship in respectively LMP1, LMP2, LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am. We have learned a lot during this season, made some necessary improvements to the management and regulations and we are already working on our second season, which is planned to start in October. The exact details are still being worked out and will be published sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

Hard work and the right collaborations pay off! The release of our conversion of Prototype’s Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit proves that. Together with Andrea1968, svictor and Mark Pearce, we’ve worked hard on the best possible conversion of this beloved track, which is set to make its debut on the FIA WEC calendar next year.

To our surprise, multiple versions of this conversion have been released or are in progress as I write this article. This came to our attention first when heikki21 posted screenshots of his version on the S397 Forum. We decided to approach him to see what was going on and if a collaboration was possible. Sadly, heikki decided to rush out his release instead. Clearly, a collaboration was off the table, so we pushed forward and released our (more complete) version a few days later.

Future updates will include specific driving lines for the prototype cars as well as updates to 2020 spec.

GEC 2019/20 Updates

Some big updates are coming your way for our beloved Global Endurance Cup 2019/20. First of all, we decided to make this mod our main mod instead of creating a different mod each season. Therefore, the name of the mod will be changed to Global Endurance Mod with the next update. The file structure will also be changed to allow the inclusion of multiple seasons, while still keeping the structure clear.

The tracks will be gradually removed from the mod and released as standalone mods. First up will be Spa-Francorchamps, which has seen massive improvements and updates to 2020 spec by our team member Frederick Alonso, as well as a revised AIW with new driving lines, a WEC style starting grid and a fix for all of the existing issues regarding rolling starts. After Spa, we’ll release updated versions of Fuji, COTA, Shanghai and Bahrain, all with WEC style starting grids, fixes for existing bugs and some graphical and textural improvements.

As I already said in the introduction, we will also include the 2019 and 2020 grids of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in future updates. Depending on the time it takes to create all skins, we hope to have both grids included before the end of September.

LMP Cars Progress

For a few months now, we’ve been working on creating the Ginetta G60-LT-P1 and we’re getting there slowly. The model is now at a point we can start skinning. We are now finishing the interior of the car, after which we have to get the car in-game and create the physics for it. No estimations on the release yet, but we’ll keep you guys posted through these updates and on our Discord server.

After the release of the Ginetta, we should be able to follow up with the remaining LMP1, LMP2 and LMP3 cars reasonably quickly, as we already have decent models for most of them and the others are being worked on by our friends from AC-Forum-SK.

New Tracks

Alongside the updates and standalone releases of our existing tracks, we are also working on getting a few other tracks to you. With special thanks to our friends from GPVWC, who have given us permission to modify, update and release their tracks, we can annouce that we’re working on the following tracks, all optimized for endurance racing:

  1. Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (Mexico)

  2. Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

  3. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

  4. Circuit Paul Ricard

  5. Sepang International Circuit

  6. Suzuka International Racing Course

Le Mans Series

We are still working on a Le Mans Series-themed mod, but with all of our plans and limited availability from most of our team members, we’ve decided to postpone this until further notice.

Nonetheless, a lot of exciting stuff coming your way!

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