Roadmap Update April

A bit earlier than you've become accustomed to because of the GEM 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, here is our latest Roadmap Update. In this update, I'll give you a preview the GEM 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, talk about our new LMP1 car and look ahead to the GEM 9 Hours of Kyalami and the GEM Series 2021/22. I'll also give you an update on our other ongoing projects.


43 cars, 99 drivers, 23 nationalities, 4 winners, 1 iconic race track. That's our recipe for an exciting weekend of virtual racing. The Event will take place on April 30th and May 1st and the race on May 1st will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel with professional direction and commentary provided by our friends from VMG TV. This time, we won't broadcast qualifying, but we will host a pre-race show containing the qualifying highlights among other things. Tune in at 12:00 (UTC), so you don't miss anything!


Another topic that will be covered during the Pre-Race Show on May 1st is the announcement of our new LMP1 car. The new car will feature 2 BOP options: "Authentic" will replicate the real world differences between this car and the Ginetta. "Balanced" will balance the performance of this car with the Ginetta, while still retaining its most specific characteristics, making the combination very much usable in online events and leagues.

One thing I can already tell you is that this one won't be free. As we discussed in last month's roadmap update, we want to grow our company to give you guys more and better content in the future. To accomplish that goal, we will need to invest more into the company. In order not to go broke ourselves, we find it only fair to ask our subscribers for a small contribution. That is why our second LMP1 car will be available from our website for € 2.99. The profits of this car will be invested in software, hardware and expertise to increase the quality of our content and events.

As you know, we have been working on a companion for the Ginetta for a while now and are finally ready to reveal this project to the public. Tune in to our broadcast of the GEM 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and be amongst the first to find out which car we are creating.


Our second event of the year will simulate the famous GT Intercontinental Challenge race on our very own Kyalami 2020 track. The race will feature the GT3 cars from Studio 397 - including the Ferrari - and will take place on June 25 and 26. A maximum of 40 cars can be entered in the race, which is our final one-off race for a while. Sign-up is already open on our Discord server (click the Discord button in the menu to join the server) and will close on June 12 or when the entry list is full.

GEM SERIES 2021/22

The reason Kyalami is our final standalone race for a while is that we've held a poll on Discord, asking our community what they preferred: standalone events or a full series. The results were clear as the vast majority voted for a series, so here we are.

Starting with our Le Mans 24, the GEM Series will go across the virtual globe, so a minimum of 40 cars can compete for the win and the championship in 4 different classes at 7 different venues.

The top class will be LMP1, of course featuring our very own Ginetta and the new LMP1 car. This class will be invitational only. The second prototype class will be LMP2, featuring the official Ligier JS P217 and Oreca 07. The final 2 classes comprise of the official GTE lineup. GTE Pro will feature these cars as they are, while GTE Am will get onboard ABS at the cost of a 6% engine power reduction.

To make this series stand out from the other endurance leagues, we will be developing a custom tyre model with more exaggerated wear rate differences between the compounds, allowing for more diverse strategy options. We will also apply a thorough BOP for all classes to ensure that each make has the same level of performance and therefore has an equal chance to win the race in their class.


5 - 8 Aug GEM Le Mans 24

3 - 4 Sep GEM Nürburgring 4H

1 - 2 Oct TBA (6H; new S397 track)

12 - 13 Nov GEM Silverstone 4H

10 - 11 Dec GEM Fuji 8H

21 - 22 Jan GEM Portimao 6H

25 - 26 Feb GEM Sebring 12H

The LMP1 invitations will be sent out at the beginning of May and the sign-up process will start about one to two weeks after.

The 2021/22 season will be the first season of what is planned to become a multi-tier league system that will allow all levels of sim racing enthusiasts to race against teams on their own level. Season 22/23 will see the system expand with a second tier: the Pro Series and the Am Series. Teams that wish to continue after season 21/22 will be invited to one of the tiers, depending on their chosen class and their performance. The Pro Series will feature LMP1, LMP2 and GTE and a variety of races between 4 and 24 hours. The Am Series will feature LMP2, LMP3, GTE and GT3 and will consist of 4-hour races. For the Pro Series races, the best performing Am Series cars in LMP2 and GTE will be invited to join the Pro Series grid, so they can have a taste of the competition and get some exposure during the broadcast, because the Am Series will not be broadcast on YouTube.


Besides the exciting new content and events, we are also working on some other new and existing projects. All of these are not yet ready for release, but are slowly progressing alongside the high profile projects I talked about above.

First off is the work Frederick is putting into the creation of a certain Japanese track. The road mesh and grass are almost finished and so are the grandstand and pit building. Next up are the kerbstones, environment and surroundings and of course everything needs to be textured and brought to the game. We are well on track to release the track well before the 5th round of the GEM Series will take place at this track in December of this year.

Meanwhile, we are also still slowly but steadily progressing with the Le Mans 2020 skin pack. We have started updating our existing skins, but also still need to create about 20 new skins from scratch. All help is welcome to speed up the process. Send a DM to @bears on Discord if you're willing to help us out.

Last, but not least, I want to get you guys up to speed on the request for a Season 2021/22 version of the Global Endurance Mod. At the moment, this is not a priority for us. We want to complete our LMP1 project first, meaning that we are planning to create even more options in the fastest ever class in Endurance racing, before shifting our focus to LMH. That is also with the possibility in mind that the LMP1 cars can be used for the LMDh category as well, like the Rebellion R13 was rebranded to Alpine A480 to be used during the first season that features these new categories.

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