Mod Updates Released

Today is update day at Global Endurance Modding! We have released a few exciting updates to our existing mods. On top of that, we also released a brand new mod. Read all about the new content in this article.

Ginetta G60-LT-P1 V1.20

Ahead of the GEM 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, we have updated the Ginetta once more. We reworked the aerodynamic balance, allowing for higher, more realistic top speeds, while reducing the overall downforce by about 10%.

There is still an issue where the AI rolls over when going over higher kerbs, for which we are working on a solution. We are also working on a new aero package for Le Mans, to allow for more realistic top speeds and lap times. Right now, the car is a bit overpowered in the hands of the human driver. You can expect that update after our race at Spa.

Global Endurance Mod - Season 2019/20 V1.23

The Global Endurance Mod - Season 2019/20 has also seen a thorough update. We implemented the latest version of the Ginetta and applied a BOP on the other LMP1 cars, focused on Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps and Le Mans. We also removed the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans grid (read on...) and reworked the Talent.RCD files for an even better performance matrix for the AI drivers compared to real life.

The 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans grid is still a work in progress and will be included once we have all of the skins ready.

Global Endurance Mod - Season 2018/19 V1.23

The new release on this update day is the Season 2018/19 version of the Global Endurance Mod. Using most of the skins from the 2019 Le Mans grid, we were able to organize this mod quickly for you guys to enjoy what has been one of the most exciting seasons in real life. Most cars still have Le Mans-style number plates, which will of course be adjusted in a future update. The 2018 Le Mans grid is not (yet) part of this mod. Although we are planning to include that grid in a future update, we expect that to take a while, since we are already working on several projects.

The release of this mod means the end of the Ford GT Add-ons, which have been removed from the Steam Workshop. This mod requires V1.1 of the URD EGT Detroit and does not work with V1.0 manually updated to V1.1. It's simply too much work to upload and maintain 2 separate versions of a mod of this size and complexity. If you have version 1.0 of the Detroit and still want to use this mod, you can contact URD to request the full version 1.1 package.

Download the Global Endurance Mod - Season 2018/19 here.

Community Car Add-on for Global Endurance Mod V1.23

Of course, we also updated the Community Car add-on to work with the latest version of our other mods. We also included some new cars:

  • #15 Dell Racing - Corvette C8.R LMGTE Pro

  • #34 Tockwith Motorsport - Ligier LMP2

  • #40 Gulf Racing - Ford GT LMGTE Pro

  • #55 Walkenhorst - BMW LMGTE Pro

  • #65 Sampson Motorsport - Aston Martin LMGTE Pro

  • #65 Ford Performance UK - Ford GT LMGTE Pro

  • #70 Ford Team Azur Lane - Ford GT LMGTE Pro

We hope you enjoy our latest updates and the new 2018/19 mod. Any feedback is welcome in the Steam Workshop, as reaction on our website or on our Discord server.

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