Global Endurance Cup 2019/20 V1.01 released

Updated: Feb 5

It’s been a busy two weeks since the previous update. We’ve set up our very first league, are working on our Endurance Series mod and have worked on a few important fixes. These fixes have now been uploaded to the Steam Workshop and should be applied to your game automatically.

The most important fix has been that servers using the original Studio 397 GTE and LMP2 cars no longer disappear from the multiplayer server list.

We have also adjusted the categories for the cars and tracks in preparation of the new Endurance Series mod and added 6 Community Car liveries.

Update (2020/06/14 23:00): V1.01 of the Ford GT add-on is now also available for download from our Downloads page.

Update (2020/06/17 18:00): V1.02 has been released, containing a fix for the formation lap issues at Spa-Francorchamps and adding new car preview icons, adapted to the style of the game’s beta UI.

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