FIA WEC 2019/2020 V0.93 released

Updated: Feb 5

We are happy to announce the release of V0.93, which comes with some big improvements, small fixes and some exciting new features.


With this update it is now possible to select “FIA WEC 2019-20” as race series. This allows you to filter our tracks and cars, which makes selecting the correct versions easier. This also enabled us to change a few settings to comply with the WEC rules and lower the safety car probability.

Safety Car

This update also brings you the official WEC safety car. The official car is the Porsche 911 Turbo, so closest to this model in-game would be the 911 GT3 R. However, because we didn’t want to require more paid content, we used the Porsche 911 RSR, which was already required for this mod. So the safety car has a rear wing, which the real SC doesn’t have, but a bump into the rear of the SC during the formation lap might fix this 😉

Ferrari 488 GTE Evo

We have made some big improvements on the physics of the Ferrari and it’s more realistic than ever before. The main thing that still needs finetuning is the gear ratios, which you are now permitted to adjust yourself.

The Ferrari also had some strange understeering effects when the AI was driving. This was due to some problems with the file the AI references for tyre behavior (the TBC file). We have redone this file and the AI is now performing much better, although it does have some small oversteering issues right now. Expect a fix for that in either V0.95 or V0.96.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Spa-Francorchamps was temporarily removed from the mod when we released V0.92. This was due to some issues that made driving a normal race practically impossible. Thanks to t0p5ecret (from the S397 forum), this has now been resolved, so we have added the track again with this update.

The track still has a few issues that need to be solved. Skipping formation lap and fast rolling start are still not possible and both lines cross over to the other side at the start of the formation lap. These issues are being looked into and will be fixed in a future update.

With the inclusion of Spa-Francorchamps, almost all tracks of the 2019/20 calendar are now included in the mod. Circuit of the Americas was also removed with V0.92, because of similar reasons, but we expect to have this fixed soon. Once that fix is released, we will have the 2019/20 calendar complete!

Balance of Performance

V0.93 also brings many BOP adjustments. The overhaul of the Ferrari physics meant we had to adjust the BOP for all tracks, so we refined the BOP a bit more while we were at it.

We also added BOP settings for Studio 397’s Sebring International Raceway (12 Hours layout). The 1000 Miles of Sebring was sadly cancelled due to Covid-19, but with this addition, you can now run it virtually.

As requested by some users, we removed the forced tuning settings for everything except the BOP setting. With that, you are now able to use the position lights and other tuning settings the way you prefer. Don’t remove the position lights from the Aston Martins though, as that will cause the game to glitch. This is a problem with the original version and not something we are able to fix.

Realistic driver skills

We have also adjusted the RCD files to have more realistic driver skills.Raw speed, qualifying, starting and wet racing skills were based on performances from the current season to reflect the real rankings more realistically. We also changed the way the cars react to blue flags, making the GTE Am cars the easiest to pass and the LMP cars the hardest to pass.

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