FIA WEC 2019/2020 released

Enjoy racing in your own World Endurace Championship with the most complete WEC mod ever made for rFactor 2! This mod is brought to you by World Endurance Modding.

Important notices

The mod is still in its beta phase, so it’s not perfect yet. Any feedback can be easily shared at our Discord server or the Bug Reports thread under the discussions tab of this mod.

The mod is meant for offline racing and has not been tested online!

Required DLC

  1. Aston Martin Vantage GTE

  2. BMW M8 GTE

  3. Corvette C7.R

  4. Oreca 07 LMP2

  5. Porsche 911 RSR

Recommended DLC

  1. Le Mans 24h (track)

  2. Sebring International Raceway

  3. Nürbürgring


Ferrari 488 GTE Evo

We have adjusted simtek’s Ferrari 488 GT3 with new physics to upgrade its performance to GTE spec. Thanks to a source that wishes to stay anonymous, we were also able to improve the textures and graphics, making it look and feel like an entirely new car!

The Ferrari is balanced with Studio 397’s GTE cars to ensure balanced racing in both GTE Pro and GTE Am.


We also introduced the LMP1 class. All cars are based on the Oreca 07 LMP2 model, but we gave them a performance boost to get them up to spec for LMP1 (and even a bit faster than their real counterparts).

We are working on introducing the chassis models of Ginetta and Toyota, which will be included in this mod gradually leading up to Le Mans 2020.


The LMP2 cars have received a small performance boost, resembling the performance gains the LMP2 class has made since 2017. The Dallara (#47 Cetilar Racing) has slightly different engine and wing settings, but also uses the Oreca chassis for now. We are working on introducing the chassis models of Dallara and Ligier, which will be included in this mod gradually leading up to Le Mans 2020.


We also chose to alter the performance of the GTE cars a bit to get a clear difference between GTE Pro and Am. The BOP has been done to have a clear difference between these classes across all included tracks.

Drivers and liveries

All teams will have the correct 2019/2020 liveries, as well as one selected driver from the current season. In future updates, we will add alternative liveries, like the Wynn’s livery for Project 1.

Balance of performance

We made balance of performance (BOP) adjustments separately for all included tracks, as well as Studio 397’s Le Mans 24h track. The BOP settings will be automatically applied at these tracks. We will keep releasing update to the BOP along with our other updates. This will also include BOP settings for Studio 397’s Sebring (12h layout) and Nürbürgring (GP and 24h layout), as well as any tracks we will add to the mod in future updates.

Additional Cars

While we are working on including all teams for the 2019 and 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans, we wanted you to be able to run a full 60 car grid at Le Mans. Therefore we have added 30 cars which featured in WEC or Le Mans, which can be used to fill the grid per class.

Community Cars

Another additional feature we added are our so-called “Community Cars”. These are realistic fantasy liveries, which can be used to race in your own World Endurance Championship. Currently, the supply is limited, but we will add more community cars in future updates. Submit your own community cars in the Discussions section.


We have also included the tracks of the 2019/2020 season that are not available for purchase (Le Mans and Sebring). The tracks have been made by GPVWC and we have adjusted them with their permission to comply WEC regulations and sponsormaps. GPVWC’s tracks have been created for online racing, which results in some strange AI behavior. Although the basic AI behavior is alright, we are working hard on improving AI behavior and driving lines, which will be added in future updates. Because these AI issues caused game-breaking issues at COTA and Spa, we will add these tracks once the issues have been resolved. Future updates will also include Interlagos, which was originally featured on the 2019/20 calendar, as well as Monza and probably Kyalami, which are the new additions on the provisional 2020/21 calendar.


To make the WEC experience more immersive, we created WEC style preview icons for the cars and tracks, as well as track loading screens. This is only for the default UI, but will be added for the beta UI in a future update as well.

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