FIA WEC 2019/2020 – Ford GT Add-on V0.95 released

Updated: Feb 5

Along with the release of V0.95 of the main mod, we’ve released V0.95 of the Ford GT Add-on. You can download the new version at our Downloads page.

Tuning options

We have chosen to merge the separate tuning options with the BOP settings for easier selection of low, medium and high downforce spec. This makes sure we can have the tuning options for all cars in our mod identical to each other.

Opponent Classes

With the changes to the opponent class names of the main mod, the Fords got a new opponent class too. They are no longer in the “GTE Pro AddOn” class, but can be added to your opponents by selecting “WEC Add-on Ford GT”.

Balance of Performance

We made the same adjustments in the BOP settings as in the main mod and included “Nürburgring — Grand Prix” too.

Preview icons

As the preview icons were missing in the previous version, they have now been added in the same style as the icons from the main FIA WEC mod.


First you need to go into Content when you start the rFactor 2 Launcher, uninstall the previous “FIA WEC 19-20 w Ford” mod and the FIAWEC_Ford_GT. Then unpack the contents of the ZIP file into your rFactor 2\Packages folder and install both included packages again.

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