End-of-Year Roadmap Update 2020

With the year almost over, it’s time to look back at what we’ve accomplished since we started our project in February and what you can expect from us in 2021.

2020 Review

Our journey started in February of this year, when I got my hands on rFactor 2 and decided to work on some skins for the 2019-20 season of the FIA WEC. The goal quickly became to create a full skin pack. With help from bears, thomasjohansen, Brototype, Vevex, manuelj, Bostrom and some other members of RaceDepartment, we quickly managed to fill the grid almost all the way.

After experimenting a bit with the Upgrades.ini files, I managed to find a way to have LMP1 cars on the grid. By using the official Oreca 07 and upgrading a few settings from the physics, we had a perfectly drivable LMP1 car at our disposal.

At that time, another big problem was the lack of the Ferrari 488 GTE in rFactor 2. I decided to contact simtek to ask for permission to update their Ferrari 488 GT3 to GTE spec and use it for our skin pack, which then became a full mod.

Soon after the release of our mod, we were hit by a hard blow. The ACO gained interest in rFactor 2 with the Virtual Le Mans 24h and spotted our mod using their trademarks. They forced us to take down our mod and for a minute I feared that was game over for us. After having a lawyer investigate the DMCA claim, we found out that the only reason for the claim was that they didn’t want to be associated with third-party content. Renaming and rebranding our mod and team was sufficient to comply with the ACO’s demands.

When Studio 397 released the official Ferrari, of course we disbanded our own and integrated the new Ferrari into our mod. We completed our Global Endurance Mod with the addition of the Le Mans 2019 skins and we removed the included tracks that were proven to be converted from copyrighted sources and therefore illegal, despite having been told otherwise by the providing party.

Ginetta G60-LT-P1

As you all know, we started working on our very own car back in May of this year: the Ginetta G60-LT-P1. Together with Nick9320 from Advanced Simulation Modding Team, we have put in countless hours to get the car as close to Studio-397 content as possible. We’ve created multiple skins, worked on the model in minute detail, applied the latest shaders and perfected the skin template amongst many other things. During the next two weeks, we will finish some final adjustments on the bodywork, perfect the physics, including a unique tyre model, and provide some generic skins to use for quick singleclass races, without having to overtake the #5 Team LNT car 20 times (unless you’re lapping him 20 times of course). Our focus for the physics is on drivability within LMP1-spec performance. The very first current-generation LMP1 car for rFactor 2 has come a long way and will be released on Monday, 11 January 2021.

Global Endurance Mod

After Studio-397 released the new Endurance Pack, containing the Cadillac DPi, Ligier JS P217 and Corvette C8.R, we started working on updating the Global Endurance Mod to incorporate these new cars. As the Cadillac is based on the Dallara P217 chassis and can easily be balanced with the other LMP2 cars, we chose to use that as base for the Dallara LMP2 and BR Engineering LMP1 cars in our mod. We are creating the missing skins for all new car models at the moment and are aiming to release the update in the first week of January.

As soon as the update for the Global Endurance Mod is out, we will get started on another much requested feature: the complete grid for the 2020 edition of Le Mans. We have a lot of skins to create, update and convert to the new cars, for which all help is very welcome. If you know your way around creating skins and are happy to help out, contact me (Danny de Haas) on Discord and we’ll discuss the details. We don’t have a release date set for what will be the final update for the Global Endurance Mod.

Hold on, final update? Aren’t you doing the 2021 season?

Don’t worry, we will cover the 2021 season. It just won’t be part of the Global Endurance Mod. We don’t want our mods to become cluttered and believe that this way, we can prevent (or at least lower the chance of) causing bugs.

The 2021 season will be covered in an entirely new mod: the Global Endurance Mod – Season 2021. We will cover the Hypercar class, the regulatory changes in the other classes and of course all skins of the entries for each of the 6 rounds of the championship. Again, no release date, as there’s not even an entry list for the championship available.


We have been planning to create the missing LMP1 and LMP2 cars. This is not something we are going to continue with, because Advanced Simulation have revealed on their Patreon that they will cover the LMP1 and LMP2 grid this year. These cars will be balanced with our Ginetta and the official LMP2 cars. The first of the LMP1 cars, the ENSO (ByKolles) and the Rebellion, are set to be released on June 11th. No release date has been set for the Dallara LMP2 car yet.


Following up on the league we organized this summer, we have decided to go all out in 2021. GEM will organize six big endurance events, replicating events from the most well-known real world endurance series.

The first will be the GEM 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps on 26 and 27 February. It will be a simulation of the WEC race with LMP1 represented by our Ginetta, LMP2 by the official Ligier and Oreca, GTE Pro and Am represented by the official GTE cars, including the new Corvette C8.R.


Our goal is and will always be to recreate the real endurance series. As the amount of iconic endurance tracks in rFactor 2 is very low, we will focus on bringing at least 2 tracks to you, which we will build from scratch.

The first of these tracks will be the Fuji Speedway. Work has already started on it, but the release is still a couple of months out. A set release date will be announced once we’re in the final stages of development.

The Global Endurance Modding team wishes all of you health, happiness and a lot of fun on the virtual racing tracks in 2021!

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