Nagoya NG050 "Hybrid"

Our current project is the creation of a second LMP1 car to be used alongside our very popular Ginetta. Because we wanted something different, our goal was to recreate a hybrid LMP1 car.

We chose to name this LMP1 car the Nagoya NG050 "Hybrid". "Hybrid", because there is no actual hybrid system implementation in rFactor 2. However, we did manage to reproduce the typical acceleration boost that a hybrid car produces.

The car will feature two different physics sets. The first will replicate the real life differences between hybrid and non-hybrid LMP1 cars. The second set will be balanced with the Ginetta by reducing the top speed of the car and balancing the aerodynamics with the Ginetta. That way, it keeps its "hybrid" characteristics, but the time it takes the car to cover a certain distance in a straight line will be very similar to the Ginetta. We will most likely adapt both cars for this BOP, so an update for the Ginetta will most likely be released around the Nagoya release as well.

The car and the physics are still in progress, but on the right are a few WIP shots to show you the progression of the car.

To be able to keep improving both the quality and quantity of our mods, we have chosen to sell this car for the small price of €2,99. It will be available for purchase on our website.

The release is scheduled for the end of June 2021. The precise release date will be announced in due course.